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NEO is a project that seeks to improve the employability of the young people in the Urabá region

The initiative works through an alliance between companies, Government and civil society and its main objective is to articulate resources, knowledge, and abilities to implement effective and sustainable employment solutions in the region.

Socios de la iniciativa

Fundacion Corona

Pro Urabá



Gobernación de Antioquia



Universidad de Antioquia

our Commitment

Fundación Corona’s aim with NEO is to strengthen the Urabá region as a regional and economic node for the country.

This initiative is a great learning stage about  sub-regional plans in terms of promoting employment for vulnerable populations and the alliances around this problem

With NEO we work towards strengthening the different actors of the work ecosystem so that the region and its economic growth projections can be taken advantage of by the population through relevant training and employability processes aligned to the job demands in the territory and its productive sector.