We are convinced that the relationship with the media is of vital importance to spread the development of our projects, goals, achievements and achievements.

Press Kit

Who are we?

Fundación Corona is a 55 years old  family foundation

that seeks to contribute to the strengthening of the abilities to drive social development, life quality and equity in Colombia, through two lines of action: Education Towards Employability and Education Towards Citizen Participation.

We are focused on promoting agendas by means of linking with strategic partners. We learn through social initiatives and we strength them. We are motivated by the desire of improving life quality, of encouraging social development and of reducing inequity in the country. 

¿What do we do?

Social Mobility, the possibility of people to reach or lose their position in the socioeconomic welfare scale is our operative umbrella;

it is by means of this umbrella that we seek to contribute to the reduction of the inequality gap in Colombia. 

What we believe in:

  Citizens involved with participatory goverments
+ Access to pertinent education and to formal jobs

Therefore, we are focused on leading agendas through systemic and scalable models.


Daniel Uribe
Executive Director of Fundación Corona 

He is an industrial engineer with knowledge on Corporate Organizations and Finances. He has worked with Betainvest —Investment Bank— as Social Investment Bank Analyst and he managed a social investment project focused on education. He worked as Partner of Endeavor Colombia, from 2010 until 2013, where he designed and executed strategic programs for the growth of the project High Impact Entrepreneurs concerning industries like education, telecommunications, marketing and biotechnology.

Mónica Villegas
Education for Citizen Participation's Manager

She is an Anthropologist of Universidad de Los Andes , and has a master’s degree on Development Policies of the Social and Economic Studies Institute, part of the Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. She also has another master’s degree on Geography, Land Use and Urbanism of the Institute of High Studies on Latin America, part of the Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle, and studied City Management at the Universidad Oberta de Cataluña. She worked at Corpovisionarios as City Project Manager (national and international), she was a consultant at the BID and Development Planning teacher at the Universidad Externado. She was director of the Bogotá Cómo Vamos program, and she is currently Project Manager at the Fundación Corona, and teacher of the Liderazgo por Bogotá Program in the Government School of Universidad de Los Andes.

Germán Barragán
Social Projects Manager at the Fundación Corona.

He is a political scientist from Universidad de Los Andes. He is currently studying a master’s program on Development Management at Universidad Externado. He has 12 years of experience in the development of programs and projects related to employment inclusion and vulnerable segments of society. He has worked at the United Nations as National Specialist for the consolidation of the Millennium Development Goals. He was Technical Coordinator of the Productivity Pact program, which is focused on social and job inclusion for persons with disabilities. He is responsible for the Education Towards Employability area, which promotes relevant education that provides the appropriate job competences and access to inclusive jobs for vulnerable population segments. 

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